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In between two seas

and two continents

Huerta Grande is tucked away between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between Europe and Africa, and two Natural Parks: Parque Natural del Acornocales (Natural Park of Cork Oaks) and Parque Natural del Estrecho (Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar).


Los Alcornocales is the last remaining Cork Oak forest in Europe, undoubtedly one of the jewels of Spain’s many protected nature reserves. It is Europe’s largest continuous woodland area and coincidentally the largest oak forest on our planet. Due to the density of the woodland, the proximity of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and the height of the Sierras, this nature reserve benefits from its own microclimate. 

On the other side of the strait, there are two important natural parks: Jebel Bouhachem and Talassemtane, which, together with the Spanish Natural Parks, create a unique and important biosphere. From Huerta Grande, we organize excursions and activities in all of these Natural Parks.

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