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Natural Adventure

From Huerta Grande, we organize activities all year long. You can hike along the routes in our Natural Parks, as well as those in the North of Morocco. You can kayak in the rivers and in the Strait of Gibraltar, or mountain bike in the Parque Natural del Alcornocales. You can sign up for rock climbing sessions and get trained in alpine techniques on our rock climbing wall.

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Ecotourism is a movement launched in 1990 to encourage travellers to design their trips based around the principles of sustainability, environmental-awareness, and supporting local community.

At Huerta Grande, we are constantly engaged with making our resort more sustainable and environmentally sound. We hope to provide an experience that is enriching for our guests and only enhances, not harms, our local and global environment.

Currently, all of the cleaning products used on the grounds are eco-friendly. In addition, 80-90% of the lighting on the premises comes from energy-efficient light bulbs, including all of the lighting in the cabins and houses.

Our vegetable garden, plants, flowers, and trees are all cared for without the use of any chemical products, relying on natural sources for fertilizers.

Furthermore, Huerta Grande is situated within a Natural Park and is surrounded by local flora and fauna, which any guest can appreciate. By visiting and living a few days in this environment, we hope that our guests will further understand the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. Throughout all of our activities, we aim to create a conversation on the importance of conservation.

We also are constantly engaged in new projects in order to enhance our own sustainability and provide opportunities for guest awareness. The following are a few examples: